Auction Registration Process

When does the Auction open on Auction Day?

We open our doors for registration at 7:30 A.M

When does the Auction Start on Auction Day?

We begin the Auction at 9:30 A.M

How do you register?

You will need to have a $300 CASH Deposit and your id to enter the auction. If you buy anything your deposit will go towards your purchase. If you don't buy anything then your deposit will be refunded back to you the same day once you are finished.

You will be given a catalog which has a list of everything that will be in the sale, the rules and regulations, and the buyers fees.

Once You're Finished

When you are finished with the auction, you can go back in to the main building where you will be checked out.

If you are getting a refund, you will have to sign on the back of your bidder card and will then be refunded your $300. If you have bought anything then you will have to be checked out by one of our reps who will assist you in your payment and processing.

Auction Schedule

How often are auctions?

Auctions are only held once a month on Saturday's due to COVID-19.

Buying a Car with Colonial Auto Auction

Can I finance my car?

Colonial Auto Auction no longer offers any financing for vehicles after they have been sold.

If you are purchasing a vehicle from our auction, keep in mind the total fees that you will be paying in the end (the purchase amount + buyer's fee). See our Rules & Regulations page for further information on buyers fees and Colonial Auto Auction's policies.

How long do I have till I need to pay in full?

We give you till the following Monday to pay for your vehicle in full.

We also allow you to leave your purchased vehicle in our lot till the following Tuesday. We do offer Tags and Title work as a separate service. (***TAGS & TITLE SERVICE OPEN ONLY MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 A.M TILL 4:30 P.M.) (***WE DO NOT OFFER TAGS & TITLE ON AUCTION DAYS)

Selling Your Car with Colonial Auto Auction

What am I required to bring in order to auction my car?

The requirements for selling your vehicle are very few. The title of the vehicle must be in your name and the title itself must be CLEAN (no salvage history, any liens, etc.).

Once your are certain that your vehicles title is clean, drive down to our location where you will fill out our sellers contract form which states the fees that go along with selling at our auction, the agreement statement, and your reserve for the vehicle.

What fees do I need to pay?

Running your vehicle through our auction has 3 different fees, with only one that gets applied to you.

If you are planning on selling your vehicle for under $1,000, then we charge you only $100. If you are trying to sell your vehicle for over $1,000, then we charge you only a 10% fee. Finally, if worst comes to worst and your vehicle does not sell, then we charge you a $50 No Sale Fee for every auction it doesn't sell.

How will I know if my car sold?

The only time Colonial Auto Auction will give you a call is if your vehicle has a bid that is near your reserve (within $300-$500), after which you have three options to choose from; A) Accept the bid and sell your vehicle, B) Counter the bid with a different price, or C) Reject the bid completely.

If your vehicle does not sell then either you have the option of paying the No Sale Fee and taking your vehicle out of the auction or you can pay the No Sale Fee and put it in again for another auction. On the contrary, if your vehicle sells then your check will be ready for pickup the next Friday.


Can I bid on multiple cars and choose which one I pay for?

NO. We absolutely do not allow for bidders to bid on and win multiple lots and choose whichever ones they like to have. If you bid on multiple lots and win those lots, you must pay for all the lots and their added buyer's fees.

Where is Colonial Auto Auction?

13200 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772

Can I bring someone even if they're not bidding?

Yes! We will simply give them a wrist band.


When is the latest to bring a vehicle in for auction?

The deadline to run a vehicle through the auction is the Wednesday before the sale.

Can I return my vehicle after I've bought it?

No. We do not allow any refunds after a sale has been conducted.

Our policy is "AS-IS WHERE-IS, NO WARANTEES NO GUARANTEES". This rule applies to most auctions and cannot be disregarded.

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